The Emperors Drawing Room

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We’re proud to introduce The Emperors Drawing Room, a significant and impressive expansion to the upstairs bar that imparts the feel of high-society living.

Derived from 16th century terminology, the term “drawing room” refers to the area where visitors “withdraw” for relaxation and entertainment, which are coincidentally a couple of things we find to be in our realm of expertise. All in all, it’s the smartest room in the house designed to indulge and delight guests, and that’s how we plan to use it. The result is an opulent parlor, where friends and family can come to enjoy a wide array of scratch cocktails prepared by the city’s brightest bartenders.

A key feature of The Drawing Emperors Room is our giant 14’ sliding wall. A miracle of modern architecture, the appropriately termed “Great Wall” can be opened to expose and connect with the upstairs bar; alternatively, it can be closed as a partition for privacy, transforming the space into something that feels like a secret den for up to 50 guests. If you’ve been dreaming of hosting your birthday party or a private event at Monarch, we now have the perfect space for you and your flock.

We formally (and not-so-formally) invite you to experience The Drawing Emperors Room at Monarch. Come taste our regally inspired craft cocktail creations while basking in the glow of stunning lighting fixtures at our elegantly designed new bar. We promise you’ll feel as fancy as ever.