Smoked Out Soul ~ Monophonics, Disco E, Will Magid

Smoked Out Soul ~ Monophonics, Disco E, Will Magid

Thu Jun 22, 2017

9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)


Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

In honor of World Refugee Day, Amnesty International is teaming up with Smoked Out Soul to bring you a very intimate and special Monophonics Smoked Out Soul set. All proceeds benefit Amnesty International's Refugee Programs.
Plus DJ sets by Disco E & Will Magid, live drumming by Paul Oliphant and Brandon Lee and special guests dropping by all night.
It's also Paul Oliphant and Ian McDonald's birthday so the night is destined to get pretty lit up!


“One of the best live soul bands I have ever seen!” – Al Bell (Record producer, songwriter, executive, and co-owner of legendary Stax Records)


$15 presale, or $20 at the door

"One of the best live soul bands I have ever seen!" – Al Bell (Record producer, songwriter, executive, and co-owner of legendary Stax Records)

Raised amid the rich musical culture and history of the San Francisco Bay Area, Monophonics proudly carry the torch through the generations into today's musical landscape. Holding on to tradition, but by no means purists of any kind, they play their own brand of music known as "Psychedelic Soul."

The 2012 release of Monophonics last album In Your Brain saw the band pulling influences from such acts as early Funkadelic, Sly and The Family Stone and the The Temptation's Norman Whitfield produced records. With the new album, Sound of Sinning (out now on Transistor Sound Records), the band has grown in all areas of record making and felt a need to explore other important influences. While the group has come to cherish these inspirations, with Sound of Sinning they started venturing beyond, to the groups that were inspiring those soul acts to embrace the psychedelic sound of the 60's and 70's. Bands such as The Zombies, The Beatles, Beach Boys and Pink Floyd. Even with the experimentation of new musical territory, they display the sound that people know and love about Monophonics. Touching on Northern soul, doo-wop, rock and roll, Psych pop, and cinematic music, Monophonics show off their diversity while remaining true to their roots. Overall it's heartfelt music and old school vibes, without losing sight of the present. This is music steeped in that timeless feeling when people could write and produce songs that you could listen to over and over again. Sound of Sinning was produced by Kelly Finnigan & Ian McDonald and recorded on an old Tascam eight-track 1/4" tape machine at Transistor Sound Studios in San Rafael, CA.

Monophonics is Austin Bohlman (Drums), Myles O'Mahony (Bass/Background Vocals),

Ian McDonald (Guitar/Background Vocals), Ryan Scott (Trumpet/Back- ground Vocals/Percussion)

& Kelly Finnigan (Keys/Lead Vocals) along with a rotating 2nd horn usually filled by Nadav Nirenberg (Trombone) from Ikebe Shakedown and Breakdown Brass.
Will Magid
Will Magid
"A golden touch. Something special I don't see that often"-Jeremy Sole (KCRW)

Trumpeter/Producer/DJ Will Magid's live sets are highly energetic and a joyous affair. He uses a unique style of live looping/sequencing and sampling to mash up original music with dance hits from across the globe.

Will, who studied ethnomusicology at UCLA, has gathered inspiration from playing music on every continent except Antarctica. (Please let him know if you have any leads down there).

Will Magid's trumpet will take you to Havana in the summertime. It will take you to a Ghanaian funeral and, simultaneously, a French dance club. It will take you to soul music in Japan, then to the cusp of the end of the world, where everyone's dancing because they have nothing to lose.

The trumpet will holler vibrantly no matter what. And it's a flexible instrument, well suited for this record's victorious leaps among sounds from the past, sounds from here and sounds from elsewhere.

While he's devoted to his trumpet, Will is truly a multi-instrumentalist/producer. On his new record "Midnight High", he plays the guitar and the keyboard, and he sings. He's joined on select tracks by Iggy Mon (Trinidad), Pleasuremaker (Afrolicious), Kevin Wong on Keyboard, Ezekial McCarter on vocals, Ben Altieri on guitar, and Aaron Leibowitz on guitar and sax. The resulting pieces are buoyant, multifarious jams packed with rich layers of celebratory horns, bouncing percussion, classical strings and even a bit of ambient noise.

He's also had the honor to play and collaborate with many talented artists from diverse genres of music, such as Solomon Burke, Erykah Badu, Pretty Lights, Bonobo, Baba Ken Okulolo, Ocote Soul Sounds, Afrolicious, CocoRosie, Jeremy Sole, J-Boogie, and the Mutaytor. A collector of sounds, Will layers the familiar with the curious, building imaginary worlds somehow both strange and close to home.
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