For The Record :: Garth | Eug (All Vinyl)

For The Record :: Garth | Eug (All Vinyl)

Fri Jun 09, 2017

9:30 pm (event ends at 2:30 am)

$7.00 - $15.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

DJ Garth
DJ Garth
Garth has been an icon in San Francisco nightlife for twenty years, playing a key role in sustaining the flames of conscious hell raising that existed here in generations past. Parties with his stamp include a coveted ten year residency at Come Unity, thirteen legendary years with the Wicked Sound System, and since 2005, revered Back2Back jams with Jeno.

Bringing UK sound system culture to San Francisco's psychedelic climate, Wicked's lawless full moon beach parties ushered in an era of Acid House hysteria that ripped through the west coast and spread into the heartland. The Wicked crew (DJs Garth, Jeno, Markie & Thomas Bullock) are credited widely with having revived the City's dance scene in the early 90's, cementing its reputation as the red headed step child of Disco.

Scoring a Tony Andrews designed Turbosound rig, they toured in a '47 Greyhound bus whose previous owners were a gospel choir hitting the road to spread their own gospel across the States. Wicked was the pioneering sound system at Burning Man in 1995.

Wicked's Guest Sessions introduced the cream of House luminaries to San Francisco including Tony Humphries, DJ Harvey, Doc Martin, Louis Vega, Roger S, Robert Owens, DJ Pierre, Joe Claussel & Francois K.

Garth has played most major clubs on the North American circuit and many more overseas including Twilo, The Roxy, Yellow, Fabric, The End, Rex, Lux & Zouk. He has been voted amongst America's top DJs in Urb, XLR8R & DJ Magazines. For many years he pioneered eclectic Dub and Downtempo sets on the only renegade system permitted at Reggae on the River where Jamaican legends Mikey Dread and Junior Reid stopped by the bus to rock the mic.

The same bus provided inspiration for a record label. Since '98 Grayhound has released 53 singles documenting an edgier West Coast sound. Artists include Wicked, Rocket, Perry Farrell, DJ Garth & ETI, DJ Harvey, The Glimmers & Ray Mang, Michoacan, DJ Rasoul, Nectar, Stranger, EBE. Many artists have debuted on the label.

His breakout anthem with E.T.I. 'Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory' shook things up internationally, praised by Muzik Magazine as one of the best dance singles of '96. Since then he has produced more than 50 records under various pseudonyms working with Anthony Mansfield, Eric James (Rocket), Rob Doten (Crosstown Traffic) and Markie Mark or Jeno (Wicked). His remixes include The Units, Faithless, Halo Varga, Darryl Pandy, The Glimmers, Rob Rives, Dada Munchamonkey, Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), Yabby You, Robbie Shakespeare and Tribe Called Quest.

He has compiled and mixed albums for Om, NRK, Thrive & Grayhound. His productions have been licensed to countless DJ mix CDs and his music can be found in two films - SF rave flick 'Groove' and Gus Van Sant's 'Speedway Junky'.

Since 2007 he and collector/dealer James Glass have been waving the flag for Golden Goose re-edits, raiding their record collections & respectfully placing Disco/Rock obscurities under the knife as King & Hound.

Ever the DJ's DJ, he has stayed true to the original art form playing all-vinyl sets out in Hawaii, Japan, Fiji, Korea, Spain, England, Greece, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Singapore, even Indonesia & Malaysia, turning parties out upon request.
Label and home to degenerates, Public Release Recordings was kicked off by Eug in the early 2000’s, but was more formally introduced as an independent record label in 2009.
Since then, the label has released and supported artists such as Woolfy, Mike Simonetti, Tim Sweeney, Jacques Renault, Eric Duncan, Mark E and several other notable accomplices.

Focussing on quality rather than quantity, the label releases under no particular cadence and works in a completely organic approach. Public Release has garnered a loyal following globally, with many of their releases remaining highly desirable and collected. 2017 has so far seen the releases of Phil Gerus and Earth Boys 12"s.
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