Smoked Out Soul ft. Dj Dials and Special Guests

Smoked Out Soul ft. Dj Dials and Special Guests

Wed Feb 22, 2017 - Thu Feb 23, 2017

Doors: 9:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


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DJ Dials
DJ Dials
DJ, and producer Noah Bennett, aka "Dials."
West Coast based DJ/Producer/Guitarist focused on elevating vibes thru music. Both futuristic & organic: a blend of soul, reggae and southern hip-hop.
DJ guitarist Zeb Early aka ZEBUEL is a Memphis born Bay Area based musician/producer with a knack for rocking crowds. When not in a club or on the road guitar slinging in various West Coast outfits (Afrolicious, Will Magid Experiment, The King Tide, Funky Miracle, Mama’s Cookin’) he's in the studio crafting an 808 drenched hybrid of soul, reggae and hip hop music. His style blurs the line between organic and electronic and his focus is always on vibe and melody.
The ZEBUEL album "Cadillac Throwback" was released on King Dubbist/Avocaudio in 2013 and has gotten support from heavy hitters across the globe. His songs have been featured on SUB FM, Slocast and were secret weapons for Mat The Alien in Canada and for Roommate's recent European tour. His music was also picked up by Jones Snowboards as the official soundtrack for their 2014 promotion videos.
In the summer of 2013 Zeb launched a live guitar/DJ project called Smoked Out Soul with a mixtape and live party of the same name. He combines old school funk and soul music with heavy beats and a crunked up vibe. These parties have been rocking crowds over the past year and are gaining momentum for the future.
ZEBUEL has supported Flosstradomus, Pumpkin, Sabo, Jpod, Minnesota, Paper Diamond, Elliot Lipp, An-ten-nae and Mimosa to name a few. He was also honored to play the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado opening for Beats Antique and Thievery Corporation with the band Afrolicious.
Will Magid
Will Magid
"A golden touch. Something special I don't see that often"-Jeremy Sole (KCRW)

Trumpeter/Producer/DJ Will Magid's live sets are highly energetic and a joyous affair. He uses a unique style of live looping/sequencing and sampling to mash up original music with dance hits from across the globe.

Will, who studied ethnomusicology at UCLA, has gathered inspiration from playing music on every continent except Antarctica. (Please let him know if you have any leads down there).

Will Magid's trumpet will take you to Havana in the summertime. It will take you to a Ghanaian funeral and, simultaneously, a French dance club. It will take you to soul music in Japan, then to the cusp of the end of the world, where everyone's dancing because they have nothing to lose.

The trumpet will holler vibrantly no matter what. And it's a flexible instrument, well suited for this record's victorious leaps among sounds from the past, sounds from here and sounds from elsewhere.

While he's devoted to his trumpet, Will is truly a multi-instrumentalist/producer. On his new record "Midnight High", he plays the guitar and the keyboard, and he sings. He's joined on select tracks by Iggy Mon (Trinidad), Pleasuremaker (Afrolicious), Kevin Wong on Keyboard, Ezekial McCarter on vocals, Ben Altieri on guitar, and Aaron Leibowitz on guitar and sax. The resulting pieces are buoyant, multifarious jams packed with rich layers of celebratory horns, bouncing percussion, classical strings and even a bit of ambient noise.

He's also had the honor to play and collaborate with many talented artists from diverse genres of music, such as Solomon Burke, Erykah Badu, Pretty Lights, Bonobo, Baba Ken Okulolo, Ocote Soul Sounds, Afrolicious, CocoRosie, Jeremy Sole, J-Boogie, and the Mutaytor. A collector of sounds, Will layers the familiar with the curious, building imaginary worlds somehow both strange and close to home.
Dj Fox
After his grandfather bequeathed him over 1000 jazz cassettes, San Francisco-based Jazzy Fox started re-envisioning the classics that previous generations enjoyed so much. By lacing up old recordings with bigger drums and funky basslines, old songs are given a new life, and listeners can get a glimpse into the rich history of Jazz music.

Not limited to any one style, Jazzy Fox employs various genres and tries to maintain the authentic vintage sound that is inherent in the old recordings. Using modern-day studio equipment and instruments helps propel the old styles into the future, bridging huge generational gaps while simultaneously educating and entertaining the audience.

Jazzy Fox’s latest collection of remixes, “Boom Bap Swing,” spans 5 decades of jazz. By pairing swing with funk & soul drum samples, a smooth and complex hybrid springs to life. Hearing the heroic virtuosity of the genre’s most talented soloists is only enhanced by the presence of Fox’s sonic contributions. The title of the album reflects the type of vibe consistent throughout: hip-hop influenced, midtempo swing that makes you want to dance.
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