WERD. Sundays | House - Techno - Disco

WERD. Sundays | House - Techno - Disco

Ages 21+
WERD. | Eichef

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Eichef (Hiram Fabrizio) is a San Francisco based DJ/producer originally from Mexico City. He is half of the Techno duo U-SRD, and co-founder of the SF events crew, CCVO.

His solo project explores a wide sonic range, from acid influenced broken beats, and mental atmospheres, to heavier Minimal Techno and House vibes. Without any intention of releasing original music, Eichef's main focus is an "in-the-moment" live pa act, specifically meant to be experienced in person. His live pa's are a combination of tireless studio work- combining, recording, and constructing new and interesting drum patterns and synth lines with his hardware; oftentimes improv'd in the moment. His commitment to honing his craft is clear as he continues to establish himself in the SF scene, and beyond. Definitely a live act worth keeping an eye on.





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