The Garden Party with Marques Wyatt // Benjamin K // Torie
You're Welcome

Marques Wyatt

Benjamin K, Torie

Ages 21+
Coming through the Garden Party gates this time around is a man that needs absolutely no introduction

With an unforgettable personality, a constant smile ear to ear, untouchable instinct for musical selection, composition, and hugs to make you's Marques Wyatt. He started the legendary DEEP party in his hometown of LA nearly 20 years ago, and has managed to cross pollinate audiences and merge at least two generations of music fans on his dance floors. This is gonna be a gonna be a good one. We can not wait to lay out the vines, arrange the flowers, and take a journey with each and every one of you 💚

On Saturday, August 17th

You're Welcome is opening the doors for you and yours into a vibrant landscape of prismatic colors, living breathing dreamscapes, and luscious smooth sounds. We’ll be transforming Monarch’s lair of lust into the modern Garden of Eden: a luminous, wondrous world of flora and fauna, where your body and mind can transport to an immersive universe of imagination, love and primal groove.

With this, you are cordially invited to..

~*~* The Garden Party *~*~

Featuring sounds by:

●• ----- MARQUES WYATT --- •●




●• ----- BENJAMIN K --- •●

(You're Welcome | Garden Party)



●• ----- TORIE --- •●

(You're Welcome | Garden Party | ICARUS)