The Garden Party with Jozif // Nikita // Benjamin K b2b Torie
Presented By You're Welcome



Benjamin K, Torie

Ages 21+
The Garden Party with Jozif // Nikita // Benjamin K b2b Torie

We're more than thrilled to welcome in two of THE most talented dj's around. One hailing from London, now making waves in NYC. One hailing from our own San Francisco, now turning heads in NYC. With impeccable tastes in music, flawless skills behind the controls, and each known far and wide for how wild, crazy, and how just so damn nice they are. We're beyond excited to welcome both Jozif and Nikita through the Garden Party gates for this extra special double headliner. Take the ride

On Saturday, June 15th

You're Welcome is opening the doors for you and yours into a vibrant landscape of prismatic colors, living breathing dreamscapes, and luscious smooth sounds. We’ll be transforming Monarch’s lair of lust into the modern Garden of Eden: a luminous, wondrous world of flora and fauna, where your body and mind can transport to an immersive universe of imagination, love and primal groove.

With this, you are cordially invited to..

~*~* The Garden Party *~*~

Featuring sounds by:

●• ----- JOZIF --- •●

(Crosstown Rebels | Culprit | Bedrock | Music for Freaks)



●• ----- NIKITA --- •●

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●• ----- BENJAMIN K b2b TORIE --- •●

(You're Welcome | Garden Party)