The Garden Party with CONCRET (Mayan Warrior) // Benjamin K // Torie


Benjamin K, Torie

Ages 21+
New year. New us. Welcome to the roaring 20's. Let's frolic ♥

You're Welcome is opening the doors for you and yours into a vibrant landscape of prismatic colors, living breathing dreamscapes, and luscious smooth sounds. A fantastical floral fantasty land, where dreams and reality become one. We’ll be transforming Monarch’s lair of lust into the modern Garden of Eden: a luminous, wondrous world of flora and fauna, where your body and mind can transport to an immersive universe of imagination, love and primal groove.

With this, you are cordially invited to..

~*~* The Garden Party *~*~

Featuring sounds by:

●• ----- CONCRET --- •●

(Mayan Warrior | Mexico City)



●• ----- BENJAMIN K --- •●

(You're Welcome, Glitter Ranch)



●• ----- TORIE --- •●

(You're Welcome, ICARUS)