It's A New Day + Breakfast Of Champions Block Party 2019

It's A New Day + Breakfast Of Champions Block Party 2019

J.Phlip, Kim Ann Foxman, Moon Boots, Francesca Lombardo, Atish, Doc Martin, Marques Wyatt, Nick Monaco, Melé, J. Worra, SkiiTour, DJ QBert, DAVID HARNESS, Afrolicious, Smoked Out Soul

Tue Jan 01, 2019

4:00 am (event ends at 9:00 pm)

$20 - $50

This event is 21 and over

Space Cowboys
> Kapt'n Kirk, ShOOey, Gl0ver, Tamo, ErikHZ, Ben Anderson, Shissla, Workr, Sol, J9, 8Ball, Brad Robinson, Bassben, Deckard, Mancub, Leyl Master Black, rrrUS, Rumblemunk, Viajay

Dusty Rhino
> Nugz, Alvaro, Clarkie, Mystr Hatchet, Josiah, DJMK, Chad Clubb

Green Gorilla Lounge
> Dj M3 aka Makes Me Move, Anthony Mansfield

> Tyrel Williams, Victor Vega, Sepehr, Tobin Ellsworth

Make It Funky
> Onemohit, Joe Fro, Jay Handles

Disco Knights
> Shiny Objects

> Jimmy B Music Page, Woo, Zoz

You're Welcome
> Benjamin K, Torie

++ Mark Slee, Rachel Torro, Silky Thunder, Syd Gris, Galen, Solar, Ding Dong, Elz, Lenny Kiser, DJ Kimmy Le Funk, Motion Potion, DJ Sep, Jymmi James, Mike Bee, Michael Anthony, Papa Lu, R. Fentz, The Craig Show, Sly

Jessica Phillippe is diehard, born with true grit and skills to pay the
bills. Despite her success with the dirtybird gang, she's still out there
in record stores on the regular... digging, uncovering precious gems and
weaving them into her dynamic sets with panache. She's a hard-working,
dedicated lady who refuses to compromise and aims to rock the dance
#oor without relying on the most obvious tracks. Production-wise she's
just as fearsome, lacing her tracks with a tough yet bouncy #avour. Her
prowess in both disciplines combined with her infectious sense of fun and
mind-boggling depth of knowledge make her one of the most revered DJs
on the global circuit today.
Ever since the purchase of a cheap set of belt-drive decks and a mixer on
her 19th birthday she really hasn't looked back and, a$er completing her
studies in Engineering, the straight-A student jumped head !rst into her
true passion, music. She won a DJ competition in 2005, toured the USA
and moved from her hometown, Champaign, Illinois, to the birthplace of
house music, Chicago. In the Windy City she endured the struggle that
many musicians go through on their pathway to glory but never lost sight
of her dream. A move to San Francisco resulted in more hard times, but it
wasn't long before her determination and natural talent won through.
"e Sun (Spotlight On... Series)
Phlip's refusal to give up eventually led her to connect with the dirtybird
crew and make some real progress. Club and festival tours are now a
regular occurrence while releases on Claude VonStroke's highly respected
imprint, and elsewhere too, have established her as a reputable source of
dance !oor killers. People from Skream and Tiga to techno dons Surgeon
and Dave Clarke and a bunch of other in!uential heads threw their
weight behind her "rst truly analogue workout, 'Coe#cient', while her
latest tech-heavy banger 'Say My Name', which is has been doing immense
damage to clubs all over the world, has peaked the interest of Eats
Everything, Danny Daze and Huxley on the !oor, and taking to the
airwaves courtesy of B.Traits, Monki and 1 Xtra's MistaJam . All that hard
work has put her up there with the industry's female elite; Nina Kraviz,
Heidi, Maya...
Go hear J.Phlip in action and you can expect to experience a full booty
workout and have your mind blown. You'll be surprised, energised and
occasionally weirded out. $is is a lady who knows her stu%, yet continues
to re"ne her cra&. Her aim is dance !oor lobotomy, all the while taking
the greatest pleasure in seeing the people get loose. A DJ not afraid to put
her vision out there, Jess is to thank for passing Eats Everything's mighty
"Entrance Song" to Voitek and Greg (Catz n Dogz) at Pets and the later
introduction to Barclay (Claude VonStroke) and Dirtybird. She's
embarked on several tours of Europe and the US, attracting an evergrowing
fanbase with each electrifying performance. Spending 3 years
living and DJing in Berlin has helped Phlip to gain an understanding of
the European market – she was only supposed to be there for 5 months,
but ya know, there's some kind of time warp in Berlin that does that to
2014 already involves more action than a James Bond movie with another
tour of Europe in full swing, dates all over the United States including
three residencies: Detroit, Miami and San Francisco – plus there's plenty
more production work in the pipeline. Hold tight for yet more analogue
Don't take our word for it, go check her out yourselves... and be prepared
to lose your shit. $at's what's up.
Kim Ann Foxman
Kim Ann Foxman
For the past few years Kim Ann Foxman has been brewing a cult club following across the globe; crisscrossing everywhere from Japan to Cologne and Chicago, she has established herself as one of the most sought after DJ's, and artists in the house scene. Splitting her time between her home in New York City's East Village and her globetrotting schedule she's released a single, Creature / What You Need, while her remixes bring her loyal dance followers to the floor, her infectious yet soulful DJ sets intoxicate dance floors everywhere. After collaborating with Hercules and Love Affair for 2 albums, she decided to part ways and focus on her own personal work proving the old saying that 'in order to skyrocket, you must let go'
Moon Boots
Moon Boots
Moon Boots entered the world in the mid-1980s via Cape Canaveral. After years of service as the preferred footwear of celebrity astronauts (notably Tom Hanks), Moon Boots came to life during a classified experiment aboard the International Space Station. Little is known of what actually transpired aboard the shuttle, but in short, Moon Boots became a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove.

Before long, he grew tired of working for the space-military-industrial complex and found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records. He knew it was only of matter of time before he was hung up like so many boots before him. He abandoned the program and used his savings to build a studio in an unnamed location, where he is currently working.
Francesca Lombardo
Francesca Lombardo
Sitting atop her throne as the Queen of Crosstown Rebels, Francesca has cultivated a sound that is all her own. Representative of her multi-disciplinary musical background, Francesca's music transcends the dance floor; each track providing an emotional narrative, full of wistful dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies, deep, hypnotic rhythms and her unforgettable vocals.

In 2012 came the first release of many with Damian Lazarus' superlative label, Crosstown Rebels. Two years later she is continuously traveling the world to play DJ sets at events from Chile to Australia and everywhere in between. Her unique ability to combine mesmerising rhythms with emotive melodies and dramatic stories through her journey-like sets makes Francesca the DJ who is called upon during those very special moments, adding her unique soundtrack to the sunrise at Burning Man or performing into the midnight ceremony atop the pyramids at Day Zero.

Along the way she has ticked off every respected club on the planet including Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), DC10 (Ibiza), Verboten (New York), Space (Ibiza), Warehouse Project (Manchester), Cocoricó (Italy) and many, many more. She also counts several nominations for 'Breakthrough Artist Of The Year' among her ever-growing list of achievements. Despite all of this Francesca refuses to relent, pushing her boundaries even further by conceiving a live set incorporating a group of instrumentalists; collaborating to compose and conduct intricate new productions. In 2013 she showcased the live performance via Boiler Room and only a few months later, Francesca performed the live debut at Day Zero in Mexico. The full orchestral performance is due to be debuted at Wonderfruit Festival in Bangkok, where Francesca will perform with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.

Francesca's striking vocals wash over the crowd with waves of emotion as she performs her final track 'Call Me Wrong'. Surrounded by the powdery golden dust of the deep Playa, thousands of brightly-coloured Burners assembled in front of the Robot Heart Bus are struggling to breathe through the dust storm but persevere, inspired by the sultry rhythms emanating from the speakers. There's a unifying force keeping them there, everyone is locked in to Francesca's utterly contagious positivity, they stop in awe as the beats, melodies and vocals become one with their aura. In this very moment there's nowhere else anyone would rather be; the desert sun is burning, they're covered in dust and they feel truly alive. The music comes to an end and, in unison, they break out into an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday, as this is her special day. These are the moments we live for and these are the moments that are perfectly suited to Francesca Lombardo…
Atish Mehta is a San Francisco-based DJ that loves to dance and make people dance. Combining his diverse taste in music, his natural ability to read a party vibe, his charismatic stage presence, Atish walks the line between a party DJ and a DJ's DJ. Atish cites Lee Burridge, Danny Howells, and Dan Bell as his biggest DJ influences, and they shine through in his "journey" approach to DJ sets. His taste covers deep house, tech-house, nu-disco, and retro synth jams, and given enough time, he's not afraid to cover all these genres over the course of a night.

Atish grew up in the Chicago suburbs listening to house music on the radio and playing suzuki-trained violin from age five. Over the years, he played in marching bands, jazz bands, rock bands, and even had a stint as a hip-hop producer. Atish eventually came full circle back to dance music after exploring the rock scene in LA then moving to San Francisco.

Since then, he's co-founded house-heads, a San Francisco crew focused on throwing underground parties at legendary Compound, and he's had a hand in throwing parties across the country with listed productions. In the last year, he's earned a monthly residency at 222 Hyde, had several mixes featured on Proton Radio, started a monthly radio show Deepartures on, and become a regular at the Compound. His musical range has led him to open for acts like Lee Burridge, Craig Richards, Guido Schneider, Desyn Masiello, Troy Pierce, and Dyed Soundorom, to name a few. 2011 is a strong year for Atish with several notable appearances including BPM festival in Mexico, listed Tikki party in Miami, and lovefest in San Francsco…
Doc Martin
Doc Martin
Sublevel Music | Nervous Records | Classic | Music For Freaks | NRK | Moonshine | Shaboom | Siesta | Greyhound | Imperial Dub | Leaf | | Los Angeles, CA

Doc Martin's live sets truly bring people together and the variation in his style of music is virtually endless. What makes him so different from the rest? It's his unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have so much depth and meaning to us all in some way and his funky tribal bass lines mixed with threads of acid; his passive collection of classics and rare records that are only to be heard at his gigs.

He has releases out on every major house music label such as; Sublevel Music, Nervous Records, Classic, Music For Freaks, NRK, Moonshine, Shaboom, Siesta, Greyhound, Imperial Dub, & Leaf, there is no doubt Doc Martin has developed the respect as a house DJ that so many of us admire. It is this respect that keeps him constantly touring, from New York to London, Japan and everywhere in between.

Doc has rocked dance-floors and played at venues and events like… Coachella Festival, Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Club Heaven (Seoul, Korea), Faith 10 Year Anniversary (Garden Festival), Trouw (Amsterdam), Secret Sundaze (London), Full Circle (UK), How Sweet it is, JuJu beats (Los Angeles), The End (London), Cielo (New York), Back to Basic (Leeds), Yellow (Japan), Pacha (New York), Viper Room (LA), Club 5 (DC), Sound Bar (Chicago), Santenera (Playa Del Carmen), Ghost Bar (Las Vegas), Club Minc (Dallas), Vinyl (Denver), La Sereta (Juarez), Ruby Skye (San Francisco), Twilo (New York), Sublevel (Los Angeles), Perfecto with Paul Oakenfold at The Palms (Las Vegas), The End Up (San Francisco), Kudeta (Bali), Café Del Mar (San Francisco), The Love Parade (San Francisco), Nocturnal Wonderland, (San Bernadino), DEMF (Detroit), Temple (San Francisco), Democratic Convention 2008 at Town Hall (Denver), PS1 (New York), Santa Fe Music Festival and Seven in Australia. DOC was also the featured artist on The Bassment Jaxx & Daft Punk tour Australian tour.
Marques Wyatt
Marques Wyatt
Sonic love travels in many dimensions—through visceral pathways of the senses, as a uniting force on dance floors everywhere, in movements spanning entire eras to unify—whether souls, states or nations. And as sonic love relates to house music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal pioneer.
In the mid '80s, at a time when the shape shifting of house music was rarely heard outside Chicago and New York, Marques introduced the East Coast sound to his native Los Angeles via legendary house parties like BBC, MAC's Garage and Does Your Mama Know, to name a few. In the ensuing years, his prowess as a talented DJ, promoter, and producer earned him recognition as one of the most sought-after artists in the genre, domestically and internationally. Always true to his inner visionary, Marques continued his ventures into uncharted territory by introducing Los Angeles to "acid jazz" through Brass, his unforgettable weekly which debuted the live performances of high profile acts such as Jamiroquai and the Brand New Heavies way back when. At the same time, Marques continued playing his own brand of uncompromising, soulfully organic house alongside talents such as Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, King Britt, Mark Farina and Miguel Migs. Marques's keen sixth sense for creating epic parties culminated in his weekly house institution, Deep, now going strong in its tenth year.

Marques has also channeled his gifts in the studio, releasing tracks and remixes on revered labels like Om, Strictly Rhythm, King Street, Nervous and Yoshitoshi. Marques continues to spread the gospel of house music by globe-trotting everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, Shanghai to Barcelona and Tel Aviv to Dubai with the mission to bring musical unity, light and love to all souls in his pathway.
Nick Monaco
Nick Monaco
Inside this classically handsome, talented, and gregarious man exists a shy, awkward soul. But this introverted interior is the catalyst behind the upward trajectory of his career, which currently includes an impressive back catalogue of inventive, genre-defying club jams, a hectic tour schedule as a member of Crew Love, an accomplished debut album Mating Call and a captivating live show, which truly lays bare his vulnerable inner self with every performance.

Making links with the dirtybird crew initially and later, Soul Clap, helped to push Nick’s career forward. It was having the creative freedom offered to him by Eli and Charlie’s label, and Wolf + Lamb, that allowed him to flourish and focus on becoming the artist he’d always yearned to be; soulful, loose and free of genre constraints.

You never know who’s going to answer when you come knocking on Monaco’s door, it could be The Butterfly; naïve, young, wide-eyed and innocent. The Stalker; a creepy, sex-addicted voyeur. The Maintenance Man; the man you call when you’re in a jam. All of whom, and more, are components of Nick’s real persona.

This colourful cast of characters appear on his very first album Mating Call, an adventurous project that incorporates Nick’s own voice and live instrumentation, giving it a strong organic element built around a narrative theme. This is what his album and his sound ultimately represent: an ethos with no boundaries, as opposed to a strict regimented sound.

The door opens and he steps out of his dressing room, Vogueing his way to the stage. There’s an infectious, positive energy and warmth flowing out of Nick – the costume, the lipstick, the personality… he’s never been more ready for this adventure. Make sure you join him and Let Your Freak Flag Fly!
Grime/UK Bass/Techno DJ & producer from Merseyside, UK.
DJ QBert
DJ QBert
Richard Quitevis (b. October 7, 1969, in San Francisco, California). Known by his stage name DJ Q-Bert is a Filipino-American Turntablist and composer. He is often referred to as the Jimi Hendrix of the turntables, known to make them sing in complex and subtle ways. He invented the first musical annotation system for scratching, battling and composing on vinyl.
David Harness is one of the most popular DJ/producers in the San Francisco Bay Area club scene. He has been described as 'a man who lives, breathes and emanates everything that is beautiful about deep house music and classic garage.' David is considered a 'rising star' within the dance community. As a military brat, David Harness traveled the world extensively during his childhood. 'Regardless of which country I was in, I always heard American music, namely R&B. This little bit of familiarity really helped me feel secure in a lot of different places.' With influences varying from Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Quincy Jones, the Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, the Isley Brothers and First Choice, it is easy to see why funk and soul have always been strong elements in his sound. In 1990, David began DJ'ing at the After Dark in his hometown of Monterey, California. As his popularity grew past the boundaries of Monterey, he was invited to establish a residency at Tilt and the Sound Factory in San Francisco. In 1994, David opened and DJ'ed at the hip and popular club Lift at Club Dv8 in San Francisco. His success as a club DJ led to a DJ spot on commercial radio. In 1994, David joined the popular radio show Your Mama's House on the San Francisco Bay Area's number one radio station KMEL FM. Your Mama's House was the only 'true' house mix show on any major radio station in Northern California. As part of the Your Mama's House crew, David played a key role in exposing the masses to House Music in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1995 David kicked off a seven year residency at San Francisco 's legendary Club Universe — San Francisco's hottest Saturday night party. At Club Universe, David had the opportunity to play with many New York's legendary DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Little Louie Vega, Tedd Patterson, Dave Morales, Danny Teneglia, London's Ricky Morrison, Los Angeles' Marques Wyatt, San Francisco's Miguel Migs, Mark Farina and Kaskade — just to name a few. His growing popularity accelerated David's natural progression into production. In 1996, David was selected to spearhead the studio production for a national marketing campaign for the McDonald's Deluxe Burger. Also in 1996, David begin his ongoing residency at The End Up Sunday T-Dance — San Francisco's longest running dance party. In 1998, he released a CD for Universe Sounds and Twisted America, 'Welcome to the Universe'. This innovative CD, recorded live from Club Universe, reflects San Francisco's unique 'sound' and introduced the world to David Harness. Recognizing his talent, Twisted America quickly signed him to produce his first single, 'Get It Together', for a Twisted America compilation entitled 'A Little Bit of the Old, A Lot of the New'. David also started his ongoing residency at Fag Fridays in San Francisco in 1998 where he is still rockin' the floor. In 1999, David started Taboo in San Francisco's Mission District. Taboo started out of David's love of House music and his desire to provide a showcase for Bay Area talent as well as internationally known DJs. This ongoing party attracts a loyal crowd of househeads from around the San Francisco Bay Area and the globe to the weekly blending of spirit and soul. In September 2000, David launched DHJ Productions and has established himself as a respected producer and remixer. To date, David has worked on projects featuring artists such as Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Simply Red, Alicia Keys, Floetry, Donnie McClurkin, India Arie, *NSYNC and Donnell Jones. A collaborative effort with DJ/producers Chris Lum of Abitare Music, Jay J of Moulton Studios, and Charles Spencer of LoveSlap has resulted in several independent releases. David has appeared in articles and interviews in Billboard Magazine, Paper Magazine, Surface, XLR8R, Streetsounds, Sweater, HX, Next, URB, DJ Mag and the SF Bay Guardian. David Harness' passion, talent and creativity has definitely created a new page in the history of house music.
Afrolicious, the live/electronic collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area started out not as a band but as a club night at the famed Elbo Room in The Mission District in 2007. The format of Afrolicious party was very open and included the DJs spinning the latest soulful dance music including Afro-House, broken beat, modern funk and disco alongside classics and re-edits and remixes of their favorite Afrobeat, Salsa, and Brazilian funk alongside live percussionists and guest MCs and musicians. Eventually morphing into a live band led by the production and arrangement skills of Pleasuremaker, many dancers, DJs and producers began to take notice of their unique sound.

Since the release of their first two EPs which were produced by Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, the reputation of the band and founding DJs Pleasuremaker and Señor Oz have grown and they have performed everywhere from Red Rocks, Burning Man, Cielo and the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. "We never planned on becoming a live band, but like everything else about Afrolicious it happened organically," says Oz. "When we started the party, it was truly what we thought the Mission was about. It wasn't exclusive and it wasn't exclusionary, it was open to everyone. The youngest person in our collective is the rising soul singer Ziek McCarter who started with us at 19. Our oldest member is Baba Duru, who moved to SF in 1970 and toured with Stevie Wonder. Our vocalist is from Trinidad and our drummer is from Brazil. We all congregated in SF over our love of the universal groove. There are rhythms that connect all dance music from the beginning of time to the present day and we believed we could transmit them."

In 2013 they released their debut full-length album, California Dreaming on their own label, Afrolicious Music. IN 2014 they assembled some of the finest DJs and producers from around the world to remix their debut album. California Dreaming Remixed features remixes from Jamaican dub legend Scientist, Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation, Peruvian electronic live hybrid Novalima, Brazilian nu-disco producer Trotter, Australia’s Omegaman, Miami’s Stereo 77 and the Bay Area’s DJ Smash, J Boogie, Izzy Wise and Antonio Guedes.

Afrolicious is also loosely affiliated with a worldwide group of DJs, producers, bands, and labels who produce contemporary soulful dance music inspired by sounds of the African diaspora, including Antibalas, Chico Mann, Nickodemus, DJ Smash, Wonderwheel Recordings, Subsuelo, and Cumba Mela.

Amazing Live band, sound system, weekly party, vibration!
For 8 years Afrolicious brought out an amazing crowd every week to an experience many compare to church in the sense of a weekly gathering for spiritual purposes.
Afrolicious continues to inspire and push the boundaries of music productions, events, and community. They are set to release a number of new releases in 2015. There are finished projects ready to be released and brand new songs being added to the fold regularly. Stay tuned for new originals, remixes, and mixtapes. Plus some amazing collaborations in the works
Smoked Out Soul
Smoked Out Soul brings together DJs and musicians who put a fresh spin on classic tunes. Rooted in soul with a nod to the future. Founded in 2013, Smoked Out Soul started out as a mixtape and quickly morphed into a full fledged funk party, a festival act and now record label. Smoked Out Soul is a collective of DJs Producers and musicians who love soul music and who love elevating the vibe thru music. Catch the party at at Monarch SF or at a club or festival near you!
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