Viva Recordings presents The Loose Control Band (live) //

Viva Recordings presents The Loose Control Band (live) //

Jon Lemmon, Chad Neiro, Mantranova

Fri Sep 21, 2018

9:30 pm (event ends at 2:30 am)

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

The Loose Control Band
The Loose Control Band
It was only a matter of time and space before Jonah Sharp and Jason Drummond came together to form the Loose Control Band. Jonah, best known for pioneering ambient and techno production work as Spacetime Continuum and his highly lauded collaborative improv techno group Reagenz (with Move D). Sharp has collaborated with a truly incredible range of artists including Bill Laswell, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ursula Rucker, Pete Namlook, Mickey Hearts Global Drum Project, and the Grateful Dead. Jason, also known as DJ Spun, helped start the early 90's San Francisco acid house scene. In 2001 Spun moved to NYC, started groundbreaking record label Rong Music and became one of the main instigators of NYC's new disco and house movement, hosting many of the cities greatest parties and dj'ing around the globe.

Formed in 2014 after a few hefty studio sessions the two music industry veterans have released two 12"s on Golf Channel Recordings, a live 12" recording of their first live show on Acido Ahora, another live record on Rong Music, as well as their new single “I Don’t Understand on Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint. Stay tuned for their upcoming LP to be released on Rekids.

Live performance is their specialty and after a number of shows in NY, LA, and SF they are ready to take the show on the road. Energetic, anarchic, psychedelic, experimental layers of disco, techno, rock, and punk spiked into the sublime with a rotating ensemble cast including legendary guests Sal P of Liquid Liquid, skate-rock pioneer Ray Stevens ll, and visual artist Donovan Drummond make the Loose Control Band one of the most interesting new groups on the planet.
Chad Neiro
Chad Neiro
Where are you from?
I am currently living in Seattle, WA but I was born and raised in Florida.

How did you start DJing?
I started DJing at a friends house for fun sometimes after high school. But my fascination really started when I was around 10 or 12. My father threw parties when I was growing up and would DJ on his dual cassette player. Seeing him going tape to tape and how much fun everyone was having when he played certain songs really fascinated me and made me start to pay more attention to music. When I first started DJing, I found that it gave me an opportunity to express myself musically without boundaries. I started listening and rediscovering music in a new way and became very passionate about the art. I studied other djs, always watching how they mixed and how the crowd reacted to them. Eventually I started doing nights locally and it's been fun ever since.

Who are your influences?
Being that my parents are foreigners, I was brought up listening to many different styles of music, anything from Calypso to old americana/folk music was played on daily basis in the house. But as far as people go, I would have to say Peter Tosh, Jon Lennon, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Byron Lee, Junior Murvin, The Temptations, the Smiths, Pixies, David Bryne and Michael Jackson have all influenced me in one way or another. As far as influences in the scene I would have to say DJ Three, Jeno, Terry Fancis, Doc Martin and maybe a few more. Their dedication to the scene is amazing and I aspire to reach their successes someday.

What genre of music do you play and what is your DJ style?
Well I say that I play house but others say I mostly play deep house. I like all styles of house and get bored if I play in one style to long. It's my belief that DJing is like telling a story; you must take your listeners on a journey that evokes emotion all the way to the end. No one enjoys listening to the same sound over and over again so I try to leave an impression every time I play a gig. I like to read the crowd and try to figure out what's going to make them dance and enjoy my set. I never plan my sets before I play. I like to get to a venue early and listen to what others are playing and see how the crowd responds because it helps me narrow down what style the crowd will like the most. In the end its about making people dance and have fun.

What are you up to lately?
A lot actually. I am currently in the process of restarting a label that was one of my favorite's when I first got into the house scene. I am the new A&R for Viva! Recordings and, along with my partner Jon Lemmon, are planning some good stuff for the coming year. I also have a new release coming out in the next month or so on a local Seattle label called Uniting Souls Music. It's a 4 track EP called "Park Authority" that contains all original tracks that I've written over the last year. And Im currently talking to a few other labels about doing some remixes and original work. So I'm staying pretty busy.


OriginalThe Native EP - Connected Music
You Know Me - Undertow Project vs. MastikSoul - Is This
Tribal Bounty - Undertow Project vs. Mastiksoul - Yoda Records
Nobody's Leaving EP - Chillin Music
EastBound EP - Soul Fuel Recordings
Community EP - V/A Viva Recordings
Trouble 3 EP - V/A Mindshift Records
Park Authority EP - Uniting Souls Music
Rollin With the Pain EP - Clique Trax

Homero Espinosa - On The Other Side (Chad Neiro Remix) - Tight Recordings
Moshun - The Ride (Chad Neiro Dubdown) - Tight Recordings
DJ Sulli - When She's Gone (Chad Neiro Remix) - Aspect Audio
Easily Influenced - This N That (Chad Neiro's Emerald City Remix) - Zoot Suite
Formidable Force – Zip Jumper (Chad Neiro Remix) - Eight Tracks
Nic & Lon - Here We Go (Chad Neiro Remix) - Connected Music
Hap from Greenland feat Juno - Play With You - (Chad Neiro & LuRob) - Amfibius Recordings
DJ/Producer based in San Francisco.
Dem Suckaz Recordings.
Resident at You're Welcome, a monthly at Monarch.

Live on, every Tuesday 8PM-10PM PST.

What to expect from this long haired lush depends on a lot. But have no fear, Mantranova is here. Behind the decks this man is a crowd favorite, pulling a variety of sounds from every corner of the sonic world. Never sounding the same, but always sounding himself, he leaves dancefloors panting and hungry for more time and time again. Having spent years honing his skills and gathering a library of personal favorites and polished gems that'd make the mere mortal stagger, Mantranova's here to make a statement, and then some.

Although relatively new to the scene, this up-and-comer is already making his mark on San Francisco. As a member of Dem Suckaz Recordings, he’s been throwing parties around SF with the likes of Pan-Pot, Blond:ish, Hector, Hobo, Argy and more. Additionally, he quickly earned himself a residency at You’re Welcome, a beloved monthly party at world-famous Monarch. Here Mantranova, having shared the decks with all stars such as Mr. C, Joyce Muniz, Kate Simko, Claptone, The Drifter, Samo Sound Boy, Goldcap, Oona Dahl, Dean Grenier, and Pearson Sound just to name a few, has polished his opening skills, has had ample time in the limelight, and proven that no matter who’s on the lineup he’s sure to be the perfect piece in dance music's deliciously diverse jigsaw puzzle.
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